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It’s All About Savings

The PestPal subscription is the affordable way to keep your home pest-free, no matter your budget.

It’s All About Convenience

Our kit makes it easy for you to clear out those bugs whenever you’re ready. No team of service technicians required.

It’s All About Safety

Your family comes first. Our pro-grade chemicals are safe for kids and your whole family. In fact, we use our fully registered products at schools, hospitals, and hotels.

PestPal Starter Kit

Everything you need to make those bugs disappear.


Customer Reviews

  • Pest Pal is the easiest and most affordable way to take care of the bug problems around my home. Thank you Pest Pal!

    Tara M

3 Steps to Pest Pal Home Protection

  • 1Safety and Prep

    Read and follow safety and handling instructions. Apply during good weather. No wind or rain. Use gloves throughout the process and prep the sprayer.

  • 2Application

    Spray a consistent amount around the home's foundation. Spray around windows, door frames and other openings. For added protection, spray anywhere bugs are found.

  • 3Protection

    PestPal treatment must fully dry before coming in contact. Spray around windows, door frames and other openings. Clean up and dispose of materials according to instructions.

Full instructions are included with every shipment.

Our subscription makes it truly easy to handle your pest control yourself.

Each kit contains safety precautions and the full step-by-step instructional guide for how to prep, spray and fully protect your home.

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Compare your options

Save hundreds of dollars a year by ordering the PestPal kit that’s customized to your specific needs.

With a money-back guarantee and professional support, we set you up with everything you need to keep your home pest-free.

The PestPal kit is simply superior. Our active ingredients are longer lasting, undiluted, and more effective than anything you’ll find in a store.


Subscription savings

Bugs… they’re everywhere! You want to keep your home clean and clear of bugs, without breaking the bank.

The PestPal subscription is the easy, affordable way to keep your home pest-free, on your time. No need to schedule pricey service technicians to come and take over your household. You bypass the middlemen and pocket the savings.

You can take matters into your own hands. Save big and get the results you want with our top-grade treatments that get the job done.


Be ready for anything

As a homeowner, you know that life comes with lots of responsibilities. And some pesky problems!

When tiny uninvited house guests come to town, you want to quickly show them the door. Having a plan means that Insects, bugs, and pests can’t hang out and make your home their home.

The PestPal Subscription gives you exactly what you need to keep your home clean and clear, all year long.