How To Apply PestPal

Safety Measures


* PestPal includes Cyzmic CS/Temprid FX/Demand Duo brand pesticide, which has carefully been selected to provide safe and effective control of the pests at your location.


* Cyzmic CS/Temprid FX/Demand Duo is safe around children and pets when applied as directed. Cyzmic CS/Temprid FX/Demand Duo must be completely dried before allowing humans or pets to contact treated surfaces.


* Wash throughly with soap and water after handling.


* For first aid and other detailed safety and application instructions, refer

to the included Cyzmic CS/Temprid FX/Demand Duo label.



Step 1 - Before You Start


  • Read and follow the safety instructions below before you get started.

  • Put on the provided gloves. Keep them on throughout the application process. Also important to wear a long sleeved shirt and pants. Wear closed toed shoes.

  • Fill the pump sprayer tank half way with water.

  • Carefully open and pour the pesticide concentrate (labeled as Cyzmic CS/ Temprid FX/ Demand Duo ) into the pump sprayer tank. Make sure not to spill any outside of the pump sprayer tank. fill pump sprayer the rest of the way with water.

  • Insert pump assembly into the sprayer tank, screw on the pump. Before spraying, shake the tank to mix the formula.

  • Pump several times to build pressure within the tank.


Step 2 – Apply Around Your Home


  • As you spray, you may need to twist the end of the sprayer so that it sprays a wide, even pattern. Press the trigger to spray.

  • Holding the sprayer about 2 feet away, lightly spray the foundation of your home in a 4 foot band, 2 feet up the side of the home on the foundation and two feet away from the home on the ground.

  • Try to pace yourself so that you spray a consistent amount around the perimeter of your home.

  • Spray around windows (avoiding the glass), door frames, window wells and garage door openings.

  • Optionally spray front porch railings, under backyard decks, inside your garage and anywhere else you've seen bugs outside.


Step 3 – You're Home Is Protected


  • You're Finished ! Allow your PestPal treatment to dry fully before allowing pets or kids to come in contact with treated areas.

  • If you have any leftover mixture, you could spray around the perimeter of your foundation again. Make sure to use entire tank of mixture. Once mixed with water it cannot be stored overnight.

  • To properly dispose of your PestPal kit, please put the gloves and concentrate bottle into the trash. Recycle the box and instructions.

  • Double rinse your PestPal pump sprayer tank with water and pour water out around your foundation.

  • It's yours ! Store the pump sprayer until your next shipment.

  • If you have a subscription with PestPal, your next treatment kit will ship automatically when it's time to reapply.