How to get ahead of bug season without making the wrong product purchases

How to get ahead of bug season without making the wrong product purchases

Written by Tim Behuik

It’s officially the holiday season. With summer far behind us, you likely think the threat of pests is gone as well. Unfortunately, there are a few winter pest problems to keep in mind as we move into the colder months ahead. Overwintering pests are any insect or wild animal that gets into your property, typically in the fall, for shelter during the winter months. Rather than hibernate during the cold winter, these pests will nest and remain active in your attic or crawl space until spring rolls around. To prevent the unwanted gift of a pest problem this holiday season, the experts at Leo’s Pest Control are here to share everything you need to know.

Pest Infestations In The Winter

Whether it’s an overwintering pest getting indoors during the fall or pests lingering in your holiday decorating boxes, there are more risks of a pest infestation this time of year than you may realize. Some of the most common pests and wild animals that try to get inside this time of year include:

House mice: Many mice prefer secluded areas and will look to nest in your attic using insulation and other stored items for shelter.
Roof rats: As their name implies, roof rats can squeeze their way inside and build their nests up in the attic.
Bats: Big brown bats will roost in an attic and use it as their cave. Bats can create a big mess with their droppings.
Wildlife: Raccoons and squirrels are strong climbers and can make their way into your attic to escape dropping temperatures outside.

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